Public-private partnership

Public-private partnership

The Wielkopolska Broadband Network is a public-private partnership project. When planning the network’s construction and financing, the Board of Wielkopolska Region was aware that it had no funds necessary to secure the co-financing contribution – hence the decision to invite private investors.

Public-private partnership is broadly defined as a partnership of the public and private sectors aimed at delivering projects or providing services traditionally delivered by the public sector. The cooperation is based on the principle that each party can perform its own scope more efficiently than the other party. In this way, the parties complement each other and take responsibility for those aspects of the project that they feel the most comfortable with. Thanks to the division of tasks, responsibilities and risks, PPP projects are a more efficient way of developing infrastructure and providing public services. Simultaneously, each party enjoys its own benefits – in proportion to its involvement in the project. Consequently, key aspects of cooperation in public-private partnerships include:

a) cooperation of the public sector with the private sector;

b) contractual nature (civil law relationship);

c) specific purpose: delivery of projects (construction of infrastructure, provision of services) traditionally delivered by the public sector;

d) optimized division of responsibilities;

e) risk sharing;

f) bilateral benefits

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